Shaping the Future of the Solar Industry

At the DOE Solar Technologies Office, I support the creation, negotiation, execution, and monitoring of Funding Opportunities, with a specific focus on research & development awards to start-ups and large companies creating and commercializing new technologies spanning the entire value chain of the solar industry.

I am the technology manager of a $60M portfolio of R&D projects spanning different areas (innovation in manufacturing, software for energy load management, blockchain-enabled energy transactions, machine learning applications, creation and validation of new investment funds and business models to bring new capitals into the clean tech space…)

I am also the SBIR-STTR Office Portfolio Manager. I oversee all office-wide SBIR-STTR program, ensure alignment of topic development and award selection with office goals, monitor awards progress and impact.

In addition, I lead an office effort to use data-driven statistically-rigorous methodologies to measure the impact of government funding in technology transfer and other variables in the success of startups. Demonstrated that a robust investor ecosystem and an independent technology validator are needed in the same location (“innovation hubs”) to enable technology maturation.