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Work and Research Experience

US Department of Energy, Solar Energy Technologies Office

Advanced Solar Energy R&D Specialist (2019-present)
Senior Science and Technology Fellow (2018-2019)
Science and Technology Fellow (2016-2018)

  • Technology Manager, Solar Energy Technologies Office: monitored a $60M portfolio of R&D projects (including innovation in manufacturing, software for energy load control and forecasting, blockchain-enabled energy transaction, machine learning applications, technology evolution studies, creation and validation of new investment funds and business models to bring new capitals to the cleantech space)
  • SBIR-STTR Office Portfolio Manager: ensured alignment of topic development and award selection with office goals; monitored awards progress and impact
  • Developed data-driven statistically-rigorous methodologies to measure the impact of government funding in technology transfer and other variables in the success of startups. Demonstrated that a robust investor ecosystem and an independent technology validator are needed in the same location (“innovation hubs”) to enable technology maturation

Licensee and Organizer (2019-present)


  • Licensee and Organizer of TEDxCatania, a TEDx event with 600 guests, 16 speakers, 50 organizing team members, $50k budget
  • Licensee and Organizer of TEDxCataniaSalon, a series of 3-5 TEDx events, each with 150 guests, 3 speakers, 10 organizing team members for a total budget of $5k
  • Licensee and Organizer of TEDxCataniaWomen, a special TEDx event with 200 guests, 9 speakers, 20 organizing team members, $10k budget

Stanford University, PostDoctoral Scholar (2013-2016)


  • Simulated, designed, and tested innovative solutions to increase silicon solar cells efficiency using optical nanostructures (metamaterials) as antireflection coatings

Boston University, Postdoctoral Associate (2011-2013)


Leadership experience

Stanford Leaders in Communication, Coach (2013-2016)


TEDxSSC, Founder and Chief Organizer (2014-2015)


  • Initiated and led the organization of a TEDx event (200 guests, 13 speakers, 19 organizing team members, $10k budget)
  • Coordinator of fundraising and sponsorship tasks, editorial decisions, communication plan, social media strategy, logistic organization

Stanford Office of Technology Licensing, Volunteer (2014)


SSC Alumni Association, President (2011-2014)


  • Elected by 150+ members. Interacted with academic and professional stakeholders to develop and execute the Association’s multi year plan
  • Increased fundraising contributions from $500 to $7k in 4 years


PhD in Physics, summa cum laude, University of Catania (2006-2010)


Diploma, summa cum laude, Scuola Superiore di Catania (2004-2006)



People I met with think I am action-oriented and collaborative.
My friends define me as trustworthy and problem solver.
I consider myself curious and passionate.