Unraveling the puzzle of the invisible nature

Energy and communication are the most important challenges of the next century. Recently, I focused my interests in developing and supporting new approaches to enable cost-competitive renewable energy sources and their integration in the electric grid. In my previous research activity, I worked with light and matter and created semiconductor nanostructures specifically designed to be efficient light sources; on a different topic, I manipulated and trapped light to envision next generation of silicon-based solar cells. I have large experience and ability to design, fabricate and test new materials and device prototypes, developing a new idea from the basic physical principles to an actual implementation.

I am a physicist by training (Ph.D. in Physics, University of Catania, Italy, 2010) but my research activity has always been across Physics, Materials Science, and Engineering. The perfect balance between fundamental concepts applied to real devices. I always had a strong interaction with semiconductor industries. After finishing my PhD, I was a PostDoc at Boston University (2011-2013) and Stanford University (2013-2016) working on the development of more efficient solar cells and new materials to make communication with light possible.

I am author or co-author of more than 40 scientific papers, presented my works at more than 20 international scientific conferences, and published a book on my research activity. I am a reviewer for more than 30 scientific journals and mentor of several young students.