Senior Science and Technology Fellow

The 2020 mission of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy SunShot initiative is to make solar energy cost competitive with respect to traditional sources.

I am part of the Tech to Market team. I support the creation, negotiation, execution, and monitoring of funding opportunities for start-ups as well as large companies with the goal of commercializing new innovation in the solar community. I support the management of a $20M portfolio of awards designed to develop new technologies covering the entire value chain of the solar industry, from hardware to software solutions, to new business models for soft cost reductions. I am also involved in the negotiation and execution of awards funding solar energy technology evolution and diffusion studies.

In addition, I am part of an internal evaluation team with the goal of establishing procedures based on quantifiable metrics to measure the success and impact of the office funding opportunities. I also contribute to the definition of strategic office decisions (development of new funding opportunities, definition of an investment thesis for the team and long-term office mission and goals).

The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Science and Technology Policy (STP) Fellowships serve as a next step in the educational and professional development of scientists and engineers interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy policy. The EERE STP Fellowships provide an opportunity for highly talented scientists and engineers to participate in policy-related projects at DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Washington, D.C. EERE STP Fellows apply the expertise gained from their education and history of conducting research to new and ongoing EERE initiatives.