Photonic-Plasmonic Coupling of GaAs Single Nanowires to Optical Nanoantennas

We successfully demonstrate the plasmonic coupling between metal nanoantennas and individual GaAs nanowires (NWs). In particular, by using dark-field scattering and second harmonic excitation spectroscopy in partnership with analytical and full-vector FDTD modeling, we demonstrate controlled electromagnetic coupling between individual NWs and plasmonic nanoantennas with gap sizes varied between 90 and 500 nm. The significant electric field enhancement values (up to 20×) achieved inside the NW-nanoantennas gap regions allowed us to tailor the nonlinear optical response of NWs by engineering the plasmonic near-field coupling regime. These findings represent an initial step toward the development of coupled metal–semiconductor resonant nanostructures for the realization of next generation solar cells, detectors, and nonlinear optical devices with reduced footprints and energy consumption.

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